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Problem 31: Order-Preserving Patterns

Searching time series or list of values for patterns representing specific fluctuations of the values requires a redefinition of the notion of pattern. The question is to deal with the recognition of peaks, breakdowns, double-dip recessions or more features on expenses, rates or the like.

In the problem we consider words drawn from a linear-sortable alphabet $\Sigma$ of integers. Two words $u$ and $v$ of the same length over $\Sigma$ are said to be order-equivalent written $u \approx v$, if $$u[i] \lt u[j]\Longleftrightarrow v[i] \lt v[j]$$ for all pairs of positions $i,j$ on the words.

The order-preserving pattern-matching problem is naturally defined as follows: given a pattern $x\in\Sigma^*$ and a text $y\in\Sigma^*$, check if $x$ is order-equivalent to some factor of $y$.

For simplicity we assume that letters in each considered word are pairwise distinct (words are permutations of their set of letters).

Design a linear-time algorithm for the order-preserving pattern-matching.
Design a notion of border table adequate to the problem.


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