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Problem 119: Word Equations with Given Lengths of Variables

A word equation is an equation between words whose letters are constants or variables. Constants belong to the alphabet $\Al=\{\sa{a},\sa{b},\dots\}$ and variables belong to the disjoint alphabet of unknowns $\mathtt{U}=\{X,Y,\dots\}$. An equation is written $L=R$, where $L,R\in(\Al\cup\mathtt{U})^*$ and a solution of it is a morphism $\psi: (\Al\cup\mathtt{U})^*\rightarrow\Al^*$ leaving constant invariant and for which the equality $\psi(L)=\psi(R)$ holds.

In the problem we assume that the length $|\psi(X)|$ is given for each variable $X$ occurring in the equation and is denoted by $|X|$.

Given a word equation with the variable lengths, show how to check in linear time with respect to the equation length plus the output length if a solution exists.


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